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Area51 offers high-quality professional Search Engine Optimization ortherwise known as SEO. Our unique pricing structure offers an unbeatable alternative to the standard SEO solutions. Whether you are a striving entrepreneur looking to get started in the world of internet marketing, a small firm or large corporation looking to outsource internet marketing needs we have the solution. You can see some of our other clients and the resulting traffic they have experianced after contracting Area51 to take over their SEO.

Starter SEO

Starter Package $250 / Purchase /
The Starter Package is a smart and quick first step solution available to help you in the door of internet marketing. The goal at this point is to make sure your site is properly indexed in the major search engines and that your site is optimized to draw traffic from spacific keywords and phrases. This step alone in most cases will bring a client from the point of not being listed to the first or second page of results for about 10 spacific keywords and phrases. This is a first step in order to help you on a path to succeed on the internet and ready your business for a move into our premium SEO solutions.

What this includes:

  • Indexing your site with all major search engines.
  • Optimizing the code of your site for up to ten keyword or phrases.

The next step Package - $695 / Purchase /
At this point you may be starting to see how beneficial an internet presence can be and want to test the market some. Putting money into internet marketing without a professional to help you along can be like throwing money into a fountain and wishing for a good return. We'll help you analyze your options, sample the market and present you with solutions that will benefit your business.

  • Traffic analysis of your current site. (Statistics Review)
  • Targeting potential client prospects and sources for new clientele. (Market Analysis)
  • Press release program proposal. (Media)
  • Opt-in email list and marketing layout. (Newsletter)
  • Search Engine Optimization of several key phrases to help drive traffic to your site. (SEO)


Premium Design Solutions

Premium design solution are for those that take internet marketing seriously and realize the full potential of a well maintained web presence. We can help you with the basic design, updates, marketing, SEO, and more. These solutions are designed to start up where a initial design left off or pickup for an in house solution and build on that foundation to present your view with professional style and marketing.

Premium Package - $3900 / Purchase /
The Premium Package includes everything needed to bring your business into the internet spotlight and present your products and/or services to the masses.

  • Full write/rewrite of the back-end code for your site. (The Core)
  • Create a professional and attractive Look and Feel for the entire site. (Layout Style)
  • Custom Favicon based on your logo to "brand" your site. (Favicon)
  • Easy to use menu system allowing potential clients find what they are looking for fast. (Navigation)
  • Custom pages dedicated to each product and/or service your company has to offer. (Presentation)
  • Art and photos to present your products and services to the clients. (Presentation)
  • Integration of forums, gallery, blogs, file management, calendar and more. (Community System)
  • Notes:
    • Site content is organized to for easy updates and to amplify any search engine optimizations.
    • Optimization can be done for high traffic sites to lower traffic usage.
    • Server side includes and style sheets are standard practice in all of our designs.
    • We also test, polish and check the site for any errors before the site goes online.
    • Full access to the back-end design allows for quick and easy updates in the future.
    • Selling your product and/or service is always our primary objective with the design.

Marketing Package - $3400 / Purchase /
The Advanced Package includes everything needed to bring your business into the internet spotlight and present your products and/or services to the masses.

  • In depth analysis of all current web site traffic.
  • Complete rework of meta, site content and links to bring your products and/or service to the top of the major search engines for your target market.
  • Cross-links and back-links to boost page rank of the site with major search engines.
  • Internet marketing layout options for deploying campaigns to non over saturated areas of the online market including pay per click, ads, opt-in email, affiliate, search engine marketing, interactive media, blog and article marketing.
  • Listings with all major search engines.
  • Creation of several landing pages with specific SEO friendly domains to help bring in additional traffic to your site.
  • Product spotlight pages to help sell several specific products or services for your company.
  • Publish on at least three internet news or blog sites articles highlighting your products and/or services with a link to your web site.

The Designers Pick - $6900 / Purchase /
The Designers Pick includes everything in the Premium Package and Marketing Package with a lower total price for those wishing for both.

Custom Design Packages

Most design services are at the rate of $150/Hour, however some advanced design services such as database design and eCommerce development is $225/Hour.

Payment Options

All design solutions are available through our 12 month plan. Fifty percent of the design is required to start the design process and the remaining balance can be paid over 12 months with no interest or fees.


Those choosing to host their web site solution through Area51 will now receive 10% off of all design services provided by our company. By hosting with Area51 you allow the designers a more streamlined environment to work on your project(s) saving them time and you money as the saving can be well beyond the actual hosting fees.

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